Backpacking Advice for Beginners

There are many ways to travel, and each of these traveling techniques can be an enjoyable experience in and by itself. However, for most traveling purists, the best option to go around virtually any destination on Earth is via backpacking. While some would say that it’s not for everyone, being a backpacker will bring an experience of a lifetime if you know how to do it right. Here is a list of some useful backpacking advice for beginners.

1. Pick the right footwear- A good pair of shoes is a backpacker’s best ally. Depending on the situation, a backpacker can walk for miles without relief, and the terrain can change dramatically depending on the location. It is best to pick footwear that will provide the ideal combination of comfort, foot protection, traction, and durability. You can check out shoe reviews to determine which pairs are best used by backpackers. You can also check out your destination to determine if your favorite shoes are appropriate to your destination.

2. Pick the right backpack- Having the right backpack is essential for a good backpacking experience. While one person’s idea of an ideal bag is different from another person, everyone could agree that these characteristics should be present in any travel backpack. It should be large enough to fit most of your important stuff while compact enough that it won’t be cumbersome to carry. It should be made of a material that’s durable and suitable for all types of weather. Lastly, it should be comfortable enough to be carried for hours.

3. Scout your destination- Planning ahead for your trip is essential to get the most out of your travel experience. Regardless of what your destination is, a backpacking plan can come in handy to get the most out of your adventure. Search for the destinations you would want to see in your destination of choice. You can scout walkways and local transportation hubs backpackers usually utilize when visiting town. There are even some pre-made backpacker trail guides experienced travelers make for new visitors.

4. Work on your fitness if possible- Going on a backpacking journey is definitely not for the faint of heart. For those who are not used to traveling by foot, backpacking can be quite a daunting task. Walking for long distance, especially while carrying a full bag of loot, can be quite exhausting. This is especially so when the weather is less than ideal.

My cousin who works at always gets a good workout from his job. He and his friends love to go explore nature but his friends are always far behind due to their sedentary lifestyle. It goes to show that fitness is important.

Seasoned backpackers generally have better endurance owing to practice and experience. For aspiring backpackers, working on your conditioning can potentially be beneficial.

5. Don’t be afraid to explore- The wide window to explore is one of the best things about being a backpacker. When you arrive in a particular destination, it would be great to immerse yourself in the experience. Try to get to know intimately the places you would visit. Interact with the locals and understand their ways. Know the stories behind the landmarks you come across. Try to explore the roads less traveled. You can explore a specific city or town in a multitude of ways. Don’t be afraid to explore.

Traveling to Mexico. Things to know

Mexico is a great place to travel to. A country with a completely different culture, but that is interesting and not expensive at all. However, there are a couple of things that you should know when you are traveling to Mexico. Things that you might get you into trouble if you don’t know this beforehand. With knowing and remembering these, you will have a great holiday.

Be careful when crossing the street

You need to make sure that you are safe when crossing the street in Mexico. You will not see this happening often. And, with good reason.

Mexican drivers don’t feel anything for pedestrians that are crossing the street. You should look out for them and make sure that you aren’t getting run over by a car or even by more than one car at the same time. If you really need to cross the street, you should make sure that you are safe and always looking for traffic. Or, else you won’t make the other side of the road. All it takes is one incident to end up like my friend who has no legs. He works online for now since he cant use his legs.

Drinking tap water is a serious health hazard

If you think that you will save money by drinking tap water, then you are going to make a big mistake. Mexico is known for the country with the filthiest and unhealthy water. Meaning that you can really get seriously sick if you are drinking water directly from the tap.

You should always purchase bottled water. Even for drinking tea or coffee, or even for preparing food. Leave the tap water to those that have the stomach for it.

True Mexican food is really delicious

When most of us think about Mexican food, we think about the food that is hot and always burning. However, this isn’t real Mexican food. We are talking about the food that is getting eaten in every household in Mexico.

If you want to make sure that you are trying real Mexican food, you should eat in the local’s restaurants. Not the restaurants that are serving for tourists. Mexico can be a great country to live in. However, then you need to make sure that you know as much about the country as possible. Especially if you want to stay alive with the water and with crossing the street. With keeping these tips in mind, you will have a great time in Mexico and will new things about this country that you will never learn in any other way. Especially with the bad publicity that Mexico is getting on social media. …